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السبت، 8 أكتوبر 2022

Pebbles, world’s oldest dog, dies aged 22 – Hindustan Times

World’s oldest dog Pebbles passed away earlier this week naturally just five months before turning 23, according to a release from Guinness World Records. A Toy Fox Terrier Pebbles died in Taylors, South Carolina in the presence of loved ones.

Born on March 28, 2000 in Long Island, New York, Pebbles became a pet to Bobby and Julie Gregory. Upon Pebbles’ demise, Julie Gregory said, “Pebbles lived a happy and long life. It was the queen of the household. Together with its late mate Rocky, who passed away in 2017 at the age of 16, Pebbles gave birth to 32 puppies throughout three distinct litters.”

“She spent her days enjoying country music and being loved,” Julie Gregory further said.

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The fact that he was the world’s oldest dog was found out in a rather interesting way. When friends of Julie Gregory heard news about a dog on the news who was then the oldest- TobbyKeith- they immediately called the Gregorys to tell them about it.

Julie Gregory said, “Bobby was sitting on the couch and friends and family started texting and calling about a story they saw about a 21-year-old dog getting the record.”

“When I saw TobyKeith’s story all over the news, I applied,” she added.



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