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الأحد، 28 أغسطس 2022

Shia LaBeouf admits to ‘vilifying’ his dad | Entertainment | – Inside NoVA

Shia LaBeouf “vilified” his dad in ‘Honey Boy’.

The 36-year-old actor accepts that the depiction of his dad in his 2019 movie was “f****** nonsense”.

Shia – who played a version of his own dad in the film – said: “I wrote this narrative, which was just f****** nonsense. My dad was so loving to me my whole life. Fractured, sure. Crooked, sure. Wonky, for sure. But never was not loving, never was not there.

“He was always there … and I’d done a world press tour about how f***** he was as a man.”

The Hollywood star admitted he “wronged” his dad with the movie and the way he dealt with the situation.

Shia told the ‘Real Ones’ podcast: “‘Honey Boy’ is basically a big ‘woe is me’ story about how f***** my father is, and I wronged him. I remember getting on the phone with him, and him being like, ‘I never read this stuff in the script you sent.’ Because I didn’t put that s*** in there.”

Shia actually misled his dad in order to make the film.

And he now admits that the portrayal of him was unfair and inaccurate.

The actor shared: “My dad never hit me, never. He spanked me once, one time. And the story that gets painted in ‘Honey Boy’ is, this dude is abusing his kid all the time.”

Meanwhile, Shia recently admitted that he’s now fully immersed in his Catholic faith.

He explained: “I like to be immersive. I like all immersive experiences, not just acting. That’s probably why I like Catholicism as well. I like adventure, and that requires full immersion.

“I would consider myself an immersive actor, but method acting has like a bad smell to it. Kind of douchey, kind of, just like, mean.”

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