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الأربعاء، 24 أغسطس 2022

Brightside: Hazz Entertainment – 47abc – WMDT

DELAWARE – “Whatever you need as far as transportation or entertainment-wise, we do,” says Tyrell Hazzard.  Hazzard is a Delaware small business owner whose true passion, is making others happy, and he does that with four wheels and some creativity.

“I’ve been into entertainment since I was a little kid, I liked hosting parties and building parties,” says Hazzard. He adds, “When COVID hit, I noticed that Delaware in general, there’s just not much to do around here and if there is something to do around here. There are stipulations that have to be met, so I rather just grab people and we go out of town for an affordable rate and take them there to have a good time get them back to and from safely.” And from there, Hazz entertainment was born. It’s a business that offers a variety of services, but the biggest hit is the party bus.

However, it doesn’t stop at the decked-out bus, his business also offers a 360 photo booth to make your event legendary. “I just think that it’s something to community needs you know instead of just sitting around or just driving drunk,” says Hazzard.

In just seven months of business, Hazzard has booked proms, wedding parties, birthday trips, and community events. “The energy every time you step on or step out to your event it’s more memorable, and I think my energy the bus brings and the 360 photo booth brings is just remarkable.”

Hazzard also tells 47 ABC, his passion goes beyond just providing a good time, he also is working to give back to those who support him, which is the community. “Doing other things for the community just to make free trips with a raffle. Like if a kid is less fortunate, they can afford to go to a birthday party or a parent that can’t afford to take their kid out somewhere, just get on the bus on the 360 just ride and be happy,” he says.

Although Hazzard is a new small business owner, he’s already seeing the opportunities and experience it’s affording him. Which he encourages others to follow-suit and embark on their dreams, no matter how unique. “Being a business owner is hard, I’m not going to sit here and say that it’s not, there’s always something but you just have to keep going, you have to prevail.”

While his main focus is on customers and business as his company continues to grow, he says it’ll all be worth it as long as he continues to put smiles on people’s faces. “At the end it’s all rewarding, you have to put time into your baby, you have to put in time to see your business so it’s just going to go up from here.”

Hazzard also says he hopes to bring more events to the community, one in particular that focuses of violence prevention, and DUI prevention.

You can find more information and booking by heading to his website. You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram.

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