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الخميس، 28 يوليو 2022

5 fastest ways to make money in GTA Online after the Criminal Enterprises summer update DLC – Sportskeeda

The Criminal Enterprises summer update has recently come out in GTA Online, and some players might wish to find out how they can make more money. The new missions are good, but this article will focus on some general moneymakers ranging from basic options like VIP work to the Heist Replay Glitch for veterans.

Everything in this game can seem expensive to purchase, which is why it’s almost mandatory for players to figure out a way to get money quickly. Future event weeks won’t be listed in this article for obvious reasons. However, it is worth mentioning that GTA Online enthusiasts should always check Rockstar’s Newswire articles to see if there is a new bonus available or not.

Five quick ways to make money in GTA Online (The Criminal Enterprises update)

5) VIP Work

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GTA Online players can easily become a VIP as long as they have $50,000 in their bank account. Virtually, everyone should be able to fulfill this criteria and are thus eligible to do VIP Work. Don’t worry about losing $50,000 either, as the game only checks to see if the player has the money. It doesn’t cost anything to be a VIP.

This moneymaker is ideal for beginners who can’t do many other activities from the get-go. Keep in mind that CEOs can also do VIP Work, so it isn’t just limited to VIPs.

4) Beginner Heists

These early GTA Online heists pay decent money (Image via Rockstar Games)<img class="lazy-img" width="1920" height="1080" data-img="https://ift.tt/GQJ3PZH" alt="These early GTA Online heists pay decent money (Image via Rockstar Games)" data-img-low="https://ift.tt/GQJ3PZH" src="data:image/svg+xml,”>
These early GTA Online heists pay decent money (Image via Rockstar Games)

All beginner heists from The Heists Update have gotten their payouts buffed. This includes:

  • The Fleeca Job
  • The Prison Break
  • The Human Labs Raid
  • Series A Funding
  • The Pacific Standard Job

These heists aren’t as lucrative as some of the more recent ones, but new players can still take advantage of them. It is worth noting that these activities require other players, so they cannot be done solo. That said, completing any of them at least once will give GTA Online players a $100,000 bonus, which is a decent one on top of otherwise good pay.

3) Running a business

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Unsurprisingly, most businesses in GTA Online are quite profitable. The recent Criminal Enterprises update offers players a $150,000 bonus for doing any Resupply or Source mission for the first time, but only up to August 3. However, that bonus isn’t the only reason why one should consider doing more Sell Missions for their businesses.

This update also allows players to do Sell Missions in Invite Only Sessions, thus saving them the trouble of having to deal with potential griefers. Those brave enough to do it in a Public Session will earn additional money. Special Vehicle Work is considered one of the best ways to earn money in this game, so the above video guide should help lost readers on where to start.

2) End-game heists

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End-game heist finales already pay well over a million per attempt, but they’re even more lucrative for players who abuse the Heist Replay Glitch. For those who don’t know, the Heist Replay Glitch is an exploit that allows one to get paid for doing a heist finale and repeat it without having to do any setup missions.

Doing it will vary based on the platform the player is using, but skipping the setup missions will save them a ton of time. The heist finales are where GTA Online players make the most money, so it’s worth repeating them as often as possible. Even outside of this glitch, these heists still pay quite well. The end-game heists to look out for are:

  • The Doomsday Heist
  • The Diamond Casino Heist
  • The Cayo Perico Heist

1) Buying Shark Cards

Not applicable for F2P players (Image via Rockstar Games)<img class="lazy-img" width="1920" height="1200" data-img="https://ift.tt/ZiO1GjL" alt="Not applicable for F2P players (Image via Rockstar Games)" data-img-low="https://ift.tt/ZiO1GjL" src="data:image/svg+xml,”>
Not applicable for F2P players (Image via Rockstar Games)

There objectively can’t be anything quicker than just mass buying Shark Cards sans certain cash exploits and mods. A player can choose to buy 100 Megalodon Shark cards if they want to, and that would give them $800,000,000. That’s an extreme example that could be further amplified by being a GTA+ member.

Even purchasing just a Megalodon Shark card or Whale Shark card would give GTA Online players a huge advantage. The act of buying a Shark Card would only take them about a minute, which easily makes it the fastest way to make money in the game.

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